Coach Approach Leadership Academy™

Level III

Leading Culture Change & High Performing Teams

You've learned and practiced foundational coaching skills to have more impactful conversations with your team.

You are SO excited to share your new skills.

You feel inspired to coach your team and lead culture change in your organization.... Because you've felt the impact of ASKING versus telling and have a strong desire to bring heart back into organizations.

But you don't know where to start... You need to go deeper with your coaching skills and you certainly need support.

You're an ambitious leader who wants to have more meaning and impact


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The Coach Approach Leadership Academy™ is an ICF accredited coach training program, designed specifically for aspiring coaches and leaders who want to be more effective leaders and credentialed coaches, and those who want to teach others how to coach. Participants who successful complete Leading Culture Change & High Performing Teams are awarded a certificate of completion for 35 coach specific training hours towards an ICF Level I Accredited Coach Credential (ACC).*

*The Coach Approach Leadership Academy™ offers a start to finish and 'a-la-carte' coach training pathway to earn your ACC.

Leading Culture Change and High Performing Teams is an accelerated program for coaches, aspiring coaches and leaders wanting to make a difference in their work and in the lives of others. This highly interactive course provides you with foundational leadership tools so that you can feel less stressed, be more productive and experience greater results in your work!

Hear About Dale's Experience:

This course is for you if you want to....

  • Learn how to build high performing teams and provide feedback as a coach.
  • Understand motivations & improve communication of self and others.
  • Be on the cutting edge of leading culture change.
  • Deepen core coaching skills through practice and feedback sessions.
  • Understand the complexities of client/coach/leader/team motivation using SDI.
  • Understand the inner workings of high performing teams and coaching cultures.
  • Resources, tools and so much more! 

You will learn to...

  • Apply a coach approach to build high performing teams.
  • Create a plan to implement a coaching culture and push leadership down.
  • Understand the complexity of client/coach motivation through a case study assignment.
  • And so much more!

"Taking The Coach Approach program was truly life-changing for me. As a new coach, I knew there was a gap in my coaching style that only proper training could help fill. When I discovered this program, something inside of me was being called towards it and I knew I had to take the leap. I'm so glad I did because I wasn't even prepared for what I got - it was a truly exceptional 3 day program that taught me valuable skills in a way that felt comfortable & easy. After day 1, I had a chance to put into practice what I'd learned with a real life client, and I already saw tremendous value & positive change in my conversation with her. I really loved this program and would recommend it to ANYONE looking to develop their coaching skills."

- Jessica Kutok, Business Coach + Owner of


Can you imagine...

  • Feeling CONFIDENT in your coaching skills and the way you lead others
  • Achieving better results in your company and increasing ROI 
  • Using a proven system to take your clients or team from challenge to ACTION (and not having to lift a finger or tell them how to do it!)
  • Having more time in your day because you're empowering people how to solve their own problems
  • Feeling rejuvenated and inspired about the work that you do
  • Being so clear on your values and goals that you know what steps you need to take next
  • Taking your clients and team deeper and helping them to achieve results they never thought possible?

Because that's what's possible when you develop the right skills. The Coach Approach Leadership Academy™ is about SO much more than giving you the framework to be a great coach. This training helps you to learn about your leadership presence, leverage the power of your intuition and curiosity, challenge obstacles and help others explore possibilities

By the end of our program, you will have the foundational tools to build high performing teams and implement culture change within an organization.

"Level III takes the learnings from Coaching Foundations and Coaching Mastery further, focusing on leading culture change and provides you with tools and framework to develop high performing teams as an internal or external coach.

This 5-month virtual program will allow you to work in groups and at your own pace, providing you with an in depth understanding of what goes into creating coaching cultures and high performing teams, with tons of interactive and hands on learning!"

– Pam Griffiths, Professional Certified Coach (PCC) & Master Facilitator


is made up of 4 specifically designed learning modules:

Module 1: Foundations & Coaching Conversation Refresher

Review and practice the 5 Steps to the Coaching Conversation and build on leading self-first. Dive deeper into mindfulness and the power of thought to connect more deeply with yourself and others and have more impactful coaching conversations. 

    Module 2: Motivational Value System

    Understand motivations of self and others so you can develop deeper relationships. Cultivate a deeper awareness of how to build High Performing Teams,  reduce conflict and improve team communication. Develop a deeper awareness of SDI in a coaching setting, linked to core competencies.

Module 3: Leading High Performing Teams

This module focuses on how to lead high performing teams. Experience being an intact team with your peers and through a variety of tools, exercises and assignments, learn the fundamentals for creating high performing teams.

Module 4: Leading Culture Change

This module will define coaching cultures and equip you to lead transformation. Discover the unique culture you want to create and how leadership coaching fits into organizational success. Learn the key factors in creating a strong coaching culture and identify key metrics for success.

Here’s what previous graduates are saying…

Learn more about what Nancy was struggling with, her biggest shifts and what she learned through our coach training process. 

Watch International client CEO Adaora Ayoade share her trans-formative experience in this exclusive interview!

"Pam's online coaching course has been a real eye opener for my personal and professional life. I was able to set boundaries, learn how to stick to them by setting new expectations for my clients and team. I have gained confidence in my own abilities and continue to learn how to coach others to find their own path forward. Thanks to Pam, I have found a way to put into practice the very skills I need to empower others in the same way I have been empowered.” - Kathy Gordon, Leader

"I truly gained so much insight taking this 3 day workshop. It gave me time to reflect on my communication style and how I can improve on a personal and professional level." – Nancy Sutton, Executive Director Niagara Furniture Bank

"My big takeaway from this program was mindfulness. I’ve been aware of it but being intentional about it is another.Goal setting forced me to look at things differently. The whole program was very positive. A good mix of academic with experiential coach learning." – Bruce Swan, PCC


“It helped me take the time to be self-reflective, learn techniques and skills to be a better person and a better Manager and LISTEN!” – Cheryl Tompkins, Senior Manager Red Cross 

“After extensive research on a plethora of coaching courses, I decided on the Coach Approach Leadership Academy™ as my coach training resource. It’s impacted me both personally and professionally. I have confidence, composure and clarity as a coach. I’m applying the skills during coaching conversations with my colleagues and plan to use this approach with my clients. Now I’m on top of life, life is no longer on top of me!” – Adaora Ayoade, CEO & ACC candidate

“It helped me improve my coaching approach to conversations; tailor my approach through a better recognition of when a stronger coaching lens is needed. It also allowed me to be more thoughtful in carving out space for reflective practice and coaching in my work. There were specific steps to increase my awareness, make goals and provided me tools to get there.” – Jamie Maskill, Regional Manager CAMH

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    SEPTEMBER 5, 2024

    Webinars are 12:30pm - 3:30pm EST

    September 12, 19, 26

    October 3, 10, 17, 24, 31

    November 7, 14

    What's Included:

    Access to my successful system - a simple step by step framework to build high performing teams and road map to lead culture change.

    Live feedback from an ACC, PCC or MCC on your coaching skills.

    Practical coaching experience through case study assignment and debrief.

    Bi-weekly live video calls lead by a certified coach and facilitator of the Coach Approach Leadership Academy™.

    4 online learning modules.

    Team and individual assignments.

    Accountability group calls.

    Tools, templates, handouts and assessments for future implementation.

    35 coach specific training hours upon successful completion

Tuition: $2,997*

(payment plans available)

*Tax not included

Register by July 26, 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it and how is your program different?  

Leading Culture Change and High Performing Teams is an online intensive coach training program that takes a holistic approach with a focus on, leading self first and coaching skill foundations.


What this means is, you will learn the basic principles of coaching, and you ALSO experience the power of coaching first hand. You walk away with newly acquired skills through this experiential program, by practicing and receiving coaching with your peers and observing live coaching demos.  

You will increase your awareness of who you are as a leader and develop a personal action plan designed to ignite your potential and align with your values. Through my process you will discover your motivations, and why you lead the way you do, plus, develop leadership skills to help you be more effective.   

What will I walk away with?  

You will walk away with the skills, knowledge and tools of how to communicate more effectively, build trust and engage teams for high performance. A resource guide containing all of the practical tools we teach. Tools you can take back to your organization or your own practice to help you implement change and embed a coaching culture.  

Is there any support after the 5-month program?

Yes! We give you options to connect post-training. You will also receive one 30-minute coaching call redeemable up to 4 weeks after the training is complete to keep you on track and work through any new obstacles or opportunities you may be experiencing. On going 1:1 coaching is always available for anyone who needs a higher level of support


How do I know if this program is for me?  

You might be thinking that coach training is best suited for someone who wants to become a certified executive coach. While I always recommend this program to coaches, the truth is, refining coaching skills helps leaders to better engage and motivate their teams. Research has shown that creating a coaching culture can significantly reduce employee turnover, and increase employee engagement and productivity.  

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I feeling tired and burnt out?
  • Am I trying to do it all myself?
  • Do I need to get clear on my goals?
  • Is it time for me to improve my leadership skills?
  • Am I unhappy with the results I’m seeing at work?  
  • Do I have a sense that better results are possible?

The Coach Approach Leadership Academy™ requires courage, big thinking and the outcome is transformational - that’s what our clients tell us. If you’re ready to see greater results in your day-to-day work life and want to feel more energized and fulfilled in your role, this program is for you.  

Can I pay in installments?  

Absolutely! In fact, we have a brand new payment plan to make it easy for you to join us.  

Is there any benefit to taking the program now instead of next year?

Good question! How soon do you want to see results? The sooner you start, the quicker you will get ahead of the change you want to make.  

Have additional questions? Give us a call directly at (905)933-7833 or...

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