The coaches guide to “real” coaching conversations now!

Learn my simple and proven 5-step process that you need to know to transform your coaching conversations forever!

You’re here because you’re a coach who has had some success coaching and building your coaching practice, but…. 

You feel like you’re out of tools to help your clients get to the next level of success


You might be feeling frustrated with repeating yourself over and over and your clients just not getting it or achieving the results you see possible for them.

Is this true for you?

I get it.

You’re putting yourself out there wanting to help more and more people through the coaching work you do. You know how to motivate them and teach your clients how to do things. 

Your coaching is intuitive and self-taught. You’re an excellent problem solver and you’re amazing at giving advice in your field….  

Oops! This was me years ago too… And it's where most coaches get stuck. 

Giving advice is only helpful when your clients ask for it or there’s a gap in what they know. Your experience and unique body of knowledge you’ve acquired over the years has incredible value. In fact, it’s your unique selling proposition that makes you who you are.

Here’s the thing... Imparting this knowledge is only helpful at specific times. If you truly want to have more impact when coaching your clients, it’s time to do less. Less of the work, less of the talking and more of the asking… You will find coaching so much easier when you use my 5-step process.

It’s not your fault if you haven’t been following a real coaching process. The coaching industry isn’t regulated and so there’s this idea that anyone can be a “coach”, which is true.

But not everyone can be an extraordinary coach, who can transform lives one conversation at a time… Unless they have the training and tools under their belt to go deep.

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What you’re missing is a process that can be repeated in every coaching conversation, regardless of your coaching niche. This easy to use guide provides the process to take your conversations deeper and get your clients to take courageous action that lead to amazing results!

Are you ready to learn how to:

  • Help yourself and your clients achieve transformational results?
  • Stop being the problem solver and repeating yourself time and time again?
  • Help your clients really dig deep into what motivates them so they can commit to action?
  • Stand out as an extraordinary coach and leader in your industry?

Download The free coaches guide to “real” coaching conversations now!

Hello ❤️ Coach ❤️

Thank you for being here. I’m Pam Griffiths and I’m the Coach’s coach.

While I was immersed in a graduate level coach training program several years ago, I had an epiphany.

I had been coaching for some time but I became extremely frustrated with my results and began to second guess my leadership and coaching ability. I needed to work on myself first in order to lead others more effectively.

The answer? Coaching skills.


I realized I didn’t have a clear process for coaching. My process at the time was intuitive and self-taught and while I had been very successful, it only got me so far. I noticed there was a missing link, which is a vital piece of every coach’s tool kit. What I needed was a clear process. That my friend, was the most profound discovery of my career…

Since then, I’ve developed a clear 5-step coaching process that has helped hundreds of coaches have REAL and SUCCESSFUL coaching conversations.

I know that you love developing others and you want to find a way to have more impact and make more money doing meaningful work….

That’s why I’ve put together my 5-step process into a free guide for you.

Are YOU ready to start having more impactful and transformative coaching conversations?

Download my 5-step guide now.

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