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6 Figure Business Development Program 

For highly intuitive, heart centered coaches who want to be more effective, build a 6 figure or multiple 6 figure business that delivers freedom, impact and results.

Finally - a business that gives you the freedom, joy and impact you deserve.

You’ve started or about to begin your entrepreneurial journey… And you’ve gained some traction but you’re not seeing the results you know you are possible.

You’ve been in this alone and it’s time you get some support.

You know you’re playing too small. And if you could just silence the noise inside your head, you would see the results that you’re working hard for that much faster.

You worry that if you, don’t take action now and go all in, you won’t make the contribution and the impact, that you are here to make.

We see you

You are a high achieving, self-responsible, driven leader. You’re ready to play a bigger game and take your business to new heights.

You are self-aware and you know you can make this happen, but something inside is holding you back from taking the actions that will get you to your next level. 

Whether you are ready to take the leap from corporate to building your coaching business to 6 figures or scaling it to multiple 6 figures and beyond...

You want a business that gives you joy, freedom and a lifestyle you want and deserve. You want to focus on doing meaningful work, having impact and loving your life (not living to work). 

We take a holistic approach to grow your business.


Who you want to be.


Your vision for the future. How your vision aligns with your values.
How you will get there.
Knowing your strengths and closing your gaps.


Focusing on the activities that get the greatest results.
Playing a bigger game.
Working smarter not harder.
Committing to your plan.

This program is a no excuses approach to help you dig into your courage and confidence to play bigger in your life. It was designed to provide the tools and support so you can increase business results while developing your big vision.

Our holistic approach to business development helps you take committed and intentional action.  

It isn’t a get rich quick or fix it program. We help you further develop clarity, build confidence to grow yourself and your business naturally so that you feel less stress, happier and more productive.

Success stories

Sonia Wilkinson,

I can’t recommend Pam enough!!! I love what we went through together … I’m finally now starting to implement what we went through. Those of you who may be not sure... Just do it!!! I had ideas swirling around in my head and Pam helped me sort it out and we got it down on paper (BIG paper!) which was gold.

Debra Hoffos, Leadership Coach 

I joined the 6 Figure Business Development Program because I needed a strategy and plan to get out of the rut I was in. I knew I wanted to start my business but didn’t know how. I needed to sort through my hopes and dreams and develop goals. This course gave me the space and focus to move forward, start my business and be self employed. I have clients, my own website, clear business goals with action plans and have been hosting my own retreats. I have a plan and I’m owning it! 

Julia Bubrin - ACC, Latitude Coaching

My business has grown a lot. It started as an idea – most do – but that’s where it was. It was an idea, a desire, a need to engage in the world differently. More specifically I now have a business name, I incorporated my business and found a partner to fill in the gaps in programming who had the skills. I have a very detailed strategy for the coming year and vision for where I want to be.
I wouldn’t have gotten to where I was so quickly. The flow of the program supported that. I got to a place that the pitching/marketing/sales piece conversations were authentic.

Many of our coaches have tripled their income after 3 months of starting the 6 Figure Business Development Program, after being in business for 7 years.

How Sue tripled her business results in 4 months!

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What do you need now?


For the coach who's just getting their business up and running and needs to get clients now.

 $ 199/month

  • Access to Exclusive Facebook Group
  • 1 Module with 2 Business Building Lessons each month
  • Access to heart centered, mission driven & business minded global community of coaches
Multiple 6 Figure

For the established coach who's ready to leverage their time and have more impact.

$ 1,499/month

  • Access to Exclusive Facebook Group
  • One Monthly Group Coaching Call w/ Pam's Team
  • All Quick Start and Business Growth learning modules (24 modules and over 48 lessons)
  • Access to heart centered, mission driven & business minded global community of coaches
  • 1 Business Growth Module each month
  • Monthly 60-min Business Growth Q&A w/Pam
  • Group on-boarding call
  • Access to Membership Retreats
  • Quarterly Implementation 1/2 Day Session


  • Monthly 1:1 Coaching Calls w/Pam
  • 1 monthly 60-min Mastermind calls w/Pam 
  • 1 Business Leveraged Learning Module each month
  • 90-min 1:1 Business Foundations Call
  • 8 mini-mastermind calls per year with coach
  • Access to Exclusive Mastermind Retreats
  • Quarterly 60-min check in call with coach

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